Artist Marjan Wouda.

This work for me is interesting that the works surface is made from working rope cloth etc in to the clay form before it is produced also some of the work is curled up in its form this giving tension and intrigue to what this may reflect the finish in bronze is masterful and exuberant. I have thought about using more textured finish to my work but not sure if it adds to much in the way of changing its outcome from the original idea.


Over the last 25 years, Linda Leonard Schlenger has amassed one of the most important collections of contemporary ceramics in the country. This exhibition features over 80 objects from the Schlenger collection by leading 20th-century ceramicists—including John Mason, Jim Melchert, Kenneth Price, Lucie Rie, and Peter Voulkos—alongside works in other media from the Yale University Art Gallery’s permanent