Me And My Work

20160612_152436Jason Lee Billington.

This is my second year at Blackburn doing a BA Fine art and integrated media degree.

This blog will show my development of the work I have produced before and work currently now in progress.

I have an underlying interest in spiritual aspects of the unseen energy’s around us and beyond, space and archaeology of ancient cities like Egypt, and how they possibly link to other dimensions or beings that predate what we know and accept as our understanding building block we live by.

Also a am very concerned with this world, not just environmentally effects, pollution but its social behaviour towards one another and manipulation of control from aristocrats elitist governmental control over us and unfair distribution of wealth not saying that you can not be wealthy but at what extent dose this need to be in proportion to someone with nothing.

I am into drawing, painting, sculpture Photography and film.

My Face Book Page

Some artists I am inspired by are as follows:-

Antony Gormley

Alex Grey

Gustav Klimt

Anish Kapoor


Jackson Pollock

Margret Francis

Sam Francis

Hermann Nitsch


Gustav Metzger

David Nash

Photographer’s :-

Benjamin Von Wong

Imogen Cunningham


Jacob Riis

Tony Cragg